Horse Backriding



Horseback in Grand Cayman at its best! Ever dreamt of riding a beautiful horse on a deserted beach? Here is your opportunity to live your fantasy! Just imagine the tranquil blue waters lapping along a pristine beach in Grand Cayman, the only foot prints in the sand are those of your horse. The gentle Caribbean breeze rustling through the trees and the soft whisper of your companion as you discuss the beauty of the scenery encompassing you. Truly, this is Paradise! You can join us for a spectacular morning horseback ride along the beautiful pristine and deserted beaches Grand Cayman Island. The horses will guide you along our dense tropical forest trails onto the the waters edge of this out of the way beach. The family owned and operated Stable is perfect for those who like that “personal touch” to their family vacation fun!

This top of the line Stable can accommodate riders from novice to the experienced. We offer both Western and English saddles and helmets for children. Basic instructions are provided for beginners in order to insure your comfort, especially if this is your first horseback riding experience.

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