Hell City



Hell is a small touristy stop on Grand Cayman in the West Bay that has a post office and a couple of gift shops, but the main attraction is the large field of jagged shoreline of lava rock with lots of lizards and iguanas. The shops have plenty of T-shirts, post cards, mugs and the rest of the usual tourist type items. Just behind the shop is the ocean and the ironshore lava rock which is where Hell got its name. Be sure to get a photo with the little devil and mail a postcard to a friend back home from Hell. The whole place is a quick 30 minute fun stop and photo opportunity. We had fun posing with the devil cutout and saying Hell a lot while we were there. If you are in the West Bay I would recommend going to Hell. It is surprisingly more fun than my Catholic upbringing led me to believe. I think everybody should go to Hell!!

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