Mastic Trails



The Mastic Trail passes through a variety of habitats: Black Mangrove wetland, stands of Royal Palms and Silver Thatch Palms, abandoned agricultural land and extensive ancient dry forest. Along the trail, walkers can expect to see now rare trees such as Cedar and Mahogany as well as an exceptionally fine specimen of a Mastic tree, from which the Reserve and Trail take their name. In June, the Wild Banana Orchid (National Flower of the Cayman Islands) blooms on the trailside. A rich abundance of birds inhabit these forests too. Many are tame enough to allow a close approach. Cayman’s native Parrot is at home in the Reserve, as is the West Indian Woodpecker and the Caribbean Dove – which is only ever seen in undisturbed areas. Butterflies, lizards, snakes (not poisonous), frogs, large hermit crabs and the carton nests of termites are a few of the other animals walkers may encounter.

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