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Cayman Turtle Farm was established in 1968 as Mariculture Ltd. by a group of investors from the United States and Great Britain as a facility to raise the green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, for commercial purposes. The intention was to supply the market with a source of product that did not deplete the wild populations further. By releasing turtles and facilitating research, any harm created by removing turtles and eggs from the wild would be mitigated No matter how many time you visit, you just can’t get enough of the turtle farm. There is always something new to do or see, and the ever changing population of turtles are a great source of entertainment for children and families alike.

TURTLENot many people in the world will have the opportunity to witness a Green sea turtle lumber out of the sea to lay her eggs in the sand as they have done for thousands of years.

Although this sight has become an uncommon one in the developed world due to increased threats to the natural habitats of nesting females, the Cayman Turtle Farm is offering guests the rare chance to see turtle nesting for themselves.

With nesting season currently underway, female turtles resident in the Cayman Turtle Farm’s Breeding Pond are laying eggs on the facility’s white sand beach nightly, with the eggs being collected by trained staff for incubation in the Farm’s Hatchery.

Every Wednesday and Saturday evening through August 31st, the Farm will be offering night-time turtle nesting tours. The tours begin at 8pm, and end at 10pm, and are open to adults and children over the age of 8 years.

“We thought this was a fantastic opportunity to allow both residents and visitors to Cayman the opportunity to witness turtle nesting. It is truly an amazing and awe-inspiring sight when you see how much work the nesting females put into creating the perfect nest for their eggs,” said Cayman Turtle Farm Chief Marketing Officer Tina Trumbach.

Included in the turtle nesting tour is a vantage point adjacent to the turtles’ nesting beach, an overview of the Cayman Turtle Farm’s research and conservation programme, and a tour of the Education Centre & Hatchery.

The maximum number of attendees per tour is 16 people, and the minimum number is 4 people.  The cost to attend a turtle nesting tour is CI$15 for children 8 years and over, and CI$25 for adults.

Tour bookings must be made and paid for in advance of the tour date, and can be made by calling      949-3894 or by emailing info@turtle.ky


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