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If you’re a first-time Guest, perhaps you’d like to know something about Cayman Kai.  If you’re a veteran, perhaps you’d like to know what’s new.

The 400 acres of land that is now Cayman Kai was purchased in 1962 by Don & Margaret Dise.  Their daughter Ginny, and son Mikol, were present when the land was purchased and have been a part of the Cayman Kai team since 1974.  Now, Thelda Whittaker is the managing director, Mikol works in the accounts department, and Don designed the houses they built.  Also, there have been many long-time, good and loyal Caymanian friends who have helped and without whom, nothing would have happened.

When they bought the land there was no road.  It ended four miles east of the easterly edge of the property.  One got to what is now Cayman Kai by walking the beach or by a 16-foot Cat Boat, the Cayman sea-going equivalent of the VW Bug.

The closest electricity was in BoddenTown.  The closest telephone was in Miami.  The airline flew a DC6.  The runway was lighted by flares.

In 1963, with the only piece of earth moving equipment on the island, they pushed a road through the bush from what is known as Grape Tree Point to Rum Point and Water Cay In 1965 we built Cayman Kai Resort.  They drove on dirt roads with pot holes, generated our own electricity and managed to order supplies, process reservations and operate The Resort without a telephone.  Our Caymanian neighbors didn’t think it was strange.  They had lived without such “minor” conveniences all their lives.

Eventually Government widened and blacktopped the road.  The Utility Company brought us electricity.  The telephone arrived.  And Cayman Kai moved into the twentieth century.

They submitted a plan to Government to develop the land and build a community.  Government approved the plan.  This permitted them to change the useless swamp land into usable land, with deeper water, white-sand beaches and tropical landscaping.

Government was supportive of their objectives then.  They still are.

The first home sites were sold in 1963.  The first houses were built in 1964.  The second

phase of Cayman Kai Resort was built and sold as condominiums in 1967.

They were the first condominiums on the Cayman Islands.  Some of the original owners are still their owners.

The Cayman Islands were no longer The Islands Time Forgot, as they were once known, but were on the way to becoming an international Center of Finance and a place people wanted to spend time and live the good life.

At Cayman Kai, we have developed and built houses on the land at island pace (translate: slowly).

We have pursued the plan and staid the course…to develop what e want to the finest island community anywhere…low density…buildings designed for the Tropics…a commitment of service to nice people who are good neighbors.  We build houses.  People make a community.  It’s a community we are committed to.  It’s nice people we have and need.


If you’re interested in learning more about Cayman Kai (from roadless bush to a visit by Her Majesty The Queen).  If you’d like to see what’s happening in the building of Cayman Kai today, or if you’re interested in our plans for Cayman Kai’s future, stop by our office No. 1993 on Rum Point Drive.
We’ll tell you about the 12 custom houses we are planning to build at The OutLook.  We can also show you “The Pools of the Kai”, where every house is on the beach and has its own private pool just off the living room.  We’ll do it on one condition.

That you’re interested in hearing and seeing.  Otherwise, we’ll just offer you a hot coffee or a cold beer or a soft drink and let you know we’re glad to have you as our Guest.

Also, we have an evening cocktail party occasionally, or a get-together of one kind or another spasmodically.  If such should occur during your stay with us, you will receive an invitation.  Please don’t sat away because you think you might get a sales pitch you don’t want to hear.  You won’t

You will meet some nice people, and they’ll meet you, and that might help each of you have a nicer time at Cayman Kai, which will make us have a nice time having you as our Guest.

So come.  Why shouldn’t we all have a nice time?



Often described as “the islands that time forgot”, the Cayman Islands are an idyllic setting for a relaxing vacation. If you are looking for glittering nightlife, casinos and white water rapids type excitement, this is NOT the place.

If you are looking for warm, languid afternoons spent sipping a Rum Punch after a morning swim with exotic fish and sealife, then maybe you might want to consider this.

Located 500 miles south of Miami and a mere one hour’s plane flight, the Cayman Islands are, for some, the Jewel of the Caribbean. If you live here for a week or a year, you might even consider it the Jewel of the World. For those who have made the delightful discovery of Cayman Kai, we feel we have found the best of the best.

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